In this technological advancing world SMS technology has been able to create a wide and a truly competitive market for itself. This has made it important for you to select appropriate SMS provider for the business and the process includes a lot above price comparisons. Though cost as a factor cannot be neglected but there are many other aspects which are required to be considered before you settle down for any Bulk SMS gateway provider. The factors are inclusive of scalability, reliability, message delivery rates, reach and experience and role of none of these can be underestimated. All these factors play a major role in ascertaining the success of your messaging campaigns or promotions.


Understanding the needs of the market we have tried to list down the major factors that are to be considered while selecting a Bulk SMS API provider for your business:

Cost Friendly:

Cost is not only termed as the price paid for any single SMS but is inclusive of all sorts of fees. The fees may include joining expenses and expenses on sending SMS using a particular Bulk SMS gateway provider. While selecting the provider for yourself you should ensure that whether there is any setup fee or is there value added tax on the advertised cost of per SMS. Any such expenses may add to the budget of the campaign and increase the load on your business.


While choosing any Bulk SMS API provider you should ensure that the company is providing established, reliable and secured services while assuring complete customer support at your comfort. It has been seen many times that these Bulk SMS providers offer SMS at really low cost just because their SMS routes aren’t optimised or they do not have a proper support system. It is important to beware of such frauds.


The characteristic which is most underrated while choosing a Bulk messaging provider is the comfort during the use of their services. It is important to make sure that you are offered an easy to use and totally accessible platform which is able to fulfil all your SMS sending requirements.

Simplified Integration:

It is necessary to select the Bulk SMS gateway provider who is able to offer simplified integration of API using comprehensive documentation. This is important because it helps in making SMS enabling the websites, CRM system or the mobile applications simple and smooth.

Message Delivery Rate:

It had been witnessed that there is a line of difference between various SMS providers when SMS delivery rate is concerned. But as it is not possible to ignore the importance of successful SMS delivery you should select SMS providers who are having systematic relationships with various established global and local networks and aggregators. This will help you in ensuring that messages are sent in minimal time and without any complications.

Industrial Knowledge:

You should select the providers who have complete knowledge of the industrial norms and regulations. Consider the type of membership they are into with industrial associations and bodies is the easiest way to check their reach in the market. Select the provider, who is experienced, trusted and has established goodwill in the market.


Finally, pick an SMS provider who can guarantee global reach to quite a range of networks. It is important the reach of your SMS provider is not just limited to the home country.

Choosing the right SMS provider for the business is not at all any science, all you need to do it stick to this checklist and stay updated about the market and industrial changes while making any such decisions.

Happy Choosing!!!

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